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EDM.com Spotlight

How Mark Cuban Is Pushing Gloving Into The Mainstream

Who would've ever guessed that Mark Cuban would become such a proponent of gloving? Brian Lim, founder of EmazingLights.com, appeared on an episode of ABC's hit TV show Shark Tank in an attempt to impress the "Sharks" and gain their financial support. The episode aired on March 14, 2015.

In the end, Lim's knowledge of his product, business, and market impressed the Sharks so much that he ended up scoring a deal worth $650,000 with Mark Cuban and Daymond John!

After only three years, EmazingLights.com has grown a whopping 2,281 percent! Here's a look at the full company profile as outlined by Inc.

Company Profile:

Company: EmazingLights
2014 INC. 5000 Rank: 189
Headquarters: Anaheim, CA
Year Founded: 2010
2013 Revenue: $5.8 million
3-Year Growth: 2,281%

"EmazingLights is compelling because [founder] Brian Lim has created a market where there was none. Gloving has potential because Brian is driving the sport, and I believe in Brian... I love what Brian is doing, and sales results show that interest in EmazingLights is certainly growing. Both consumer and community interest is on the rise as EmazingLights is releasing new products, opening new licensed stores, and developing its partnerships." - Mark Cuban

The fact that gloving has the potential to become a competitive sport in the foreseeable future also played a large role in Cuban and John's decision to make a deal with Lim. With two retail locations, three licensed stores, and a partnership with MGM allowing them to sell their products at six different locations in Las Vegas, the future looks very bright for EmazingLights and the sport of gloving as a whole!

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