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Skrillex Song Gets Banned From All BBC Platforms

The BBC's law department just implemented a new policy that immediately banned two huge names in the world of electronic dance music - Skrillex and Chase & Status. In fact, both are directly referenced in the new policy banning the braodcasting of certain music from all BBC platforms.

Protecting copyrighted material from The Doors, Neil Young, Journey and Bonnie Raitt, the policy prohibits any and all use of this material, even as samples. According to The Guardian, the rules of the policy are as outlined...

You can NOT use tracks by these composers on the radio and/or online.
You can NOT use tracks by these composers whether they are originals or covers.
You can NOT use the lyrics.
You can NOT put performances using these compositions on line.
You can NOT use tracks which include samples of these compositions e.g. Tracks by Skrillex/Chase & Status
You can NOT use clips which include any compositions by these composer

The BBC is preparing to roll out a new off-line music player, which is what forced the program to administer the ban, as they will require rights from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS).

As fans of Skrillex and Chase & Status know, this policy specifically bans two tracks by the EDM stars, both of which involve samples from The Doors.

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