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Festivals & Artists React To David Guetta's Racially-Charged Residency Theme

David Guetta might have just crossed the line in his latest promo video for his upcoming F*** Me I'm Famous residency at Pacha in Ibiza. The video features footage of men and women wearing Native American headdresses and outfits dancing on beaches and marching through the streets of Ibiza.

The video was meant to promote Guetta's upcoming residency at Pacha, but now it has a lot of people up in arms. Many who have watched the video feel that its use of Native American attire and portrayal of Native American culture is not only inappropriate, but also in bad taste.

The video has since been removed. But as a direct result of the video, a number of music festivals around the world have announced that they will be banning the wearing of Native American headdresses to their festivals. îleSoniq was the first festival to make an announcement in reaction to Guetta's video, issuing the following statement on their Facebook page.

Heavy Montreal and Osheaga have also both announced that they won't be allowing attendees to wear Native American headdresses to their festivals.

Guetta also recently caught flak from deadmau5 for having a real life horse brought into Pacha to celebrate the start of his residency there.

The horse was followed by a procession of women wearing Native American headdresses and outfits. Deadmau5 criticized Guetta for endangering everyone at Pacha, as well as the horse itself, by having such a large live animal brought into a crowded and noisy space such as a nightclub.

Check out the short clip of the whole scene along with Joel's tweets.

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