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EDM.com Spotlight

7 Raver Products We Desperately Need

Technology and fashion have helped usher forward a new era of rave culture, and it has influenced everyone from its DJs to its fans. Nowadays, it's near impossible to see a fan without a phone in their hand or kandi on their arms, and for better or for worse, it has changed the way we see EDM.

With these inventions and fashion trends, we can't help but think of other ways to benefit our day-to-day routines, so we've brainstormed 7 products that we could desperately use to elevate our experiences at shows, festivals and elsewhere.

1. Light Up Shoes That Sync With Music

Every single 90s kid will remember the sheer and utter joy that came with light-up shoes. They were hip, they were bright, and they made us feel like absolute badasses. Those are a thing of the past nowadays, but imagine if they came back with a focus on the raver community? Enter music-driven light up shoes - they're comfy, they're neon, and they flash to the rhythm of your favorite festival jam. We'd buy 4 pairs of these just to flaunt the new style.

2. Find a Raver app

So dating apps are nothing new, and now that SingleRavers.com is a thing, it seems like everyone is searching for that special someone in the EDM scene. But what if you're just looking to find people who share similar music interests as you? An app that gave you the ability to link up with people that shared common interests amongst artists, genres, festivals, even hobbies such as kandi, hula-hooping, and more would bring countless ravers together and strengthen our scene indefinitely.

3. All-inclusive Raver Festival Pass

How many festivals does the average raver attend each year? More than a handful, and those payments sure have a way of narrowing down their additional expenses for things like food, school, insurance, etc. If only there was a program that allowed you to pick and choose the festivals you're attending and create a "bundle" of sorts that could provide tens, even hundreds of dollars in discounts toward your purchase. Just picture the Insomniac bundle giving you tickets to all of the EDCs, Nocturnal Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, Escape, Life is Beautiful, and more for a discounted price!

4. Edible Kandi

Another aspect of the 90s we still miss is the presence of edible jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, or for the more kinky sweet-tooths, bras and underwear. Kandi is one of the most iconic aspects of EDM culture, but its still restricted to an assortment of plastic beads and tokens. Why can't we have both? The feeling of making a kandi bracelet for someone is undeniably special, but watching them devour your gift wholeheartedly is truly a moment worth sharing.

5. Motorized or Manual Fan Phone Cases

Keeping cool in the sun is just one of the many challenges that a festival raver must endure, and it can be especially hard when there's limited shading and ever-so-distant water fountains. If only there was a phone case that could be charged to provide a cool breeze whenever you're feeling a bit hot... Alternatively, to save on battery life, why doesn't it fold out into a full-on hand fan that can be used indefinitely?

Note: The image below is for a wind-powered iPhone charger, not an actual fan.

6. Song Recognition Sunglasses

Shazam is one of the most popular apps used amongst EDM fans worldwide, and for good reason to. It gives us the ability to recognize most, if not all of our favorite new songs for our future listening. But what if there was a way to do it without the app, or better yet your phone? Song recognition sunglasses would be an absolute gamechanger. Fans would have the ability to instantly send the track they're hearing/seeing into a database for recognition without having to stop whatever video/facetime/texting they're doing with their best friend at home.

7. DJ/Producer Trading Cards With Exclusive Music

Ok, it's safe to say we're past the days of trading cards, but technology today allows us to enhance the game for an all new experience. If DJs and Producers had trading cards that gave owners a BitTorrent-like bundle of exclusive content, it would bring fans together in an entirely new way. Just imagine battling Deadmau5 vs. Skrillex, using moves like "Strobe" or "Ruffneck Bass," and further receiving an exclusive track from each artist once the battle was over. If there was ever an "ultimate gift" for a nostalgic 90s baby, this might be the one.

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