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Watch Above & Beyond's New Music Video & Tribute To 500 Days Of Summer [VIDEO]

Above & Beyond just released a music video for their single "Counting Down The Days" featuring Irish vocalist Gemma Hayes from their album We Are All We Need, which topped the Billboard Dance/Electronic chart at the number one spot. The new video pays tribute to the indie cult classic film "Five Hundred Days of Summer" and tells the story of the heart-breaking end of a relationship.

The video follows a man as he mourns the loss of a recent lover and takes us through their story as they meet at work, fall in love, and eventually drift apart. He replays their time together in his mind, as the refrain "I've been counting down the days and the nights, since you last said that you love me" repeats.

As the man tries to cope with the loss of love, he finds out she is engaged. The video ends on a hopeful note though, as the young man catches a smile from a new woman.

"Counting Down the Days" is a pastoral progressive house song, featuring melancholy vocals and heartsick chords set to a driving beat. Above & Beyond member Jono Grant talks about how they came to work with the song's vocalist.

"We first came across Gemma through a bootleg mix that found its way on to our Group Therapy radio show. Coming from a folk background, her voice has an honesty and emotion to it that really stood out from the pack and felt a perfect match for this song co-written with Victoria Horn."

Check out the single and watch the video below...

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