EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

See How EDM Is Impacting The World Through Charity

More and more artists and organizations in the world of electronic dance music are doing their part to positively impact the world. One organization, Cadence & Cause, is a prime example of the power of the EDM community to truly make a difference. This charitable organization teams up with EDM artists to tackle some of the world's most pressing issues, implementing change on a global scale. Here are the exact ways Cadence & Cause is making the world a better place...

234 people provided with clean drinking water for a full year
7 care packages provided to homeless US children
80 potential human trafficking victims given preventative care
80 children given life-saving vaccinations
11 Trees planted in American Forests
13 children in developing countries given educational needs for 1 year
40 animals helped through the adoption process
17 children in developing countries provided with hearing health services

Cadence & Cause also recently teamed up with EDM duo Pegboard Nerds to help provide hearing impaired children in developing countries with hearing care services. Talking about their passion for the cause, the Scandinavian dance duo stated:

"Music has given us so much in our lives. We can't imagine what it's like to live without music, so we want to help give as many people as possible the ability to hear it. Both of us have been supporting children's hearing care for quite some time. Michael has even been an audiologist for almost 20 years. It's a cause that's personal to us and we care a lot about, so we're always excited to have the chance to support it!"

Supporters of the cause who donate money won't leave with just the satisfaction of a good deed done, however, as Cadence & Cause, DUBS Acoustic Ear Filters, and Pegboard Nerds have lined up some awesome prizes for those who donate to the cause.

Contributors will have the chance to receive dinner with the duo, backstage passes to a Pegboard Nerds live set at Global Dance Music Festival, and two pairs of DUBs ear filters, as well as autographed hand drawn sketches by Pegboard Nerds member Alex Odden. You can head to the website here to support the cause.

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