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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Steve Aoki Behind The Scenes Of His New Music Video

Steve Aoki takes his fans behind the scenes of his upcoming music video for "Neon Future" with Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun. The behind-the-scenes video shows us several ornately dressed background performers, as well as Steve Aoki donning a futuristic cyborg costume and Luke Steele dressed in a knee length flower-patterned jacket with a large silver crucifix.

The video seems to take place in a large cathedral, and we see shots of Aoki crawling through a long tunnel and what he describes as "Neon Future Zombies." Aoki takes a moment from filming to talk with Steele about his role as vocalist on the song, who states:

"I remember coming in the studio, and you had so many great tracks. And then you said, the record's gonna be called Neon Future, and I said I wanna do that one."

It's not terribly clear from the behind the scenes video what the final product will like. Check out the new video below...

Photo by Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

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