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Avicii Talks Songwriting & Working With Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin

EDM megastar Avicii has a new track coming out created in collaboration with Chris Martin of Coldplay, titled "Heaven," but the Swedish producer has revealed some interesting details regarding the creation of the song. According to Avicii, the song's development led to the production of 600 different versions, with the Coldplay frontman still eager to continue tweaking the final mix.

The song is set to be featured on Avicii's long awaited upcoming LP Stories, and the producer previewed the song a few months back at Australia's Future Music Festival. Talking about the collaboration with Christ Martin, Avicii said:

"Chris is one of the most artistic people I've ever met. And a perfectionist. We did like, 600 versions of the song and still he's asking me to tweak the vocals."

Avicii explains that his collaborations with other songwriters have given him a greater sense of confidence in his musicianship.

"The most gratification I get is acknowledgment from musicians who know about songwriting. Chart success is one thing. But it wasn't until recently - honestly - that I really believed I was musical."

The Chris Martin take on "Heaven" has yet to surface, but Avicii has debuted a number of upcoming tracks off of Stories during festival appearances, and a version of the song featuring Simon Aldred on vocals was played at Ultra this year and can be heard below:

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