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David Guetta Responds To Petition With Over 7,000 Signatures Against Horse Stunt

French superstar DJ David Guetta recently attracted his fair share of bad press (and criticism from EDM's loud-mouthed detractor of everything deadmau5) when he decided to include horses in the opening show for his Pacha residency in Ibiza. Animal rights activists were outrage by the stunt, which was deemed by many as abusive to the animal for exposing it a loud, stressful environment, thus endangering the animal itself as well as those in the audience who could be hurt by a horse goes on a rampage.

According to a source, Guetta's team had taken the necessary safety precautions for the stunt into account, stating that the "horse appeared for three minutes - owned by a vet - and with full ear protection and security at the opening."

But internet warriors were still quick to oppose the stunt, taking to an online protest and garnering more than 7,000 signatures on a Care2 petition to have the horse removed from the lineup.

In the wake of all the controversy, Guetta has vowed to discontinue his use of the horse as a prop at his live shows, though he insists that the appearance was a one time thing anyways.

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