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EDM.com Spotlight

Eric Prydz Unveils His Epic 9-Minute 'Opus' Ahead Of Official Release

Eric Prydz has outdone himself, sharing his upcoming track, "Opus," which should probably have the word Magnum in front of it. Due out July 27 on Beatport, the track had previously made waves among Prydz fans when he unleashed it on Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas as a festival ID.

The nine-minute track is a breathtaking piece of EDM, leaving behind the glitz and glamour of big room and relying on simplicity and beauty to outshine a sea of producers in the competitive dance genre always trying to one up each other with productions bells and whistles.

Prydz lets go of genre, creating a track that stands alone and gives it several minutes to build to its peak around the half-way mark. He doesn't oversaturate the track with too many ideas, opting to take only the strongest ones and squeezing the life out of them over the tracks lengthy runtime.

Give "Opus" a listen below...

[H/T: Beatport]

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