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EDM.com Spotlight

Rebel Radio Ep. 5: AMG - "Bitch Better Have My Money"

Finding The Plot, A Rebel's Story

Rebel Radio is a weekly podcast, hosted by your humble servant, focused on exploring the relationship between art and business in underground culture. Through interviews with creative entrepreneurs who have shaped the roots and future of the underground, we uncover what it takes to build and sustain a career out of making art. In partnership with EDM.com, Rebel Radio aims provides insights into the essence of entrepreneurship, of taking control of one’s own destiny, and of building businesses and legacies against all odds.

This week I sat down with West Coast rapper AMG.

In 1991, AMG released “Bitch Betta Have My Money,” a furious combination of sexual energy, teenage bravado, and soul and hip hop samples that set dance floors on-fire across the country. With no video and no radio support, the song spent 50 consecutive weeks on the Billboard charts. The song’s title, recently appropriated by Rhianna for her own single, has remained part of the urban lexicon for more than two decades.

Then, he lost the plot. He lost the fire. After a solid debut album, he made a follow-up that even he didn’t like, bounced back once in a short-lived partnership with DJ Quik, called The Fixxers, and has since taken his time to rediscover his passion and what really moves him to create.

We talk about all of this, plus that one time when he was a guest at my wedding.

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