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Watch Dillon Francis Stand Up For The Donuts In This Hilarious New Short Film [VIDEO]

Dillon Francis is taking his ridiculousness to a whole new level, starring in a hilarious new 14-minute long short film entitled Exit Through The Donut Hole (I Can't Take It), in which the comedic producer plays a donut trying to bring awareness to America about the issue of donut violence.

The film is a coming of age story about growing up as a donut, losing friends along the way and meanwhile pining for a taco girl, as he becomes the founder of the Donuts In Crisis Control foundation.

The short film chronicles Dillon's experience growing up as a donut in America, gradually drifting away from his childhood friend Broccoli over the years as health food became cool and junk food became a passing trend.

But that doesn't mean the world is a safe place for Dillon and his donut brothers and sisters, as they fall prey to police brutality. And to make matters worse, he just can't get that taco girl to notice him.

Check out the hilarious short film below:

Dillon has changed his name on twitter to Donut Francis in a show of solidarity, and has been doing his part to spread awareness about donut terror.

You can learn more about donut awareness here.

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