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Flume Talks Sophomore Album And Featured Collaborations [VIDEO]

In a short interview with NME, Flume revealed his follow-up album to his self-titled debut may be arriving sooner than expected. Teasing the release of his sophomore album, the young Australian producer said:

"Well, I've got a lot of music, I've been working on it for a long time on and off. I just feel like there's a few things missing, like, there's a track or two missing, but it's so close, I'm really excited."

Flume elaborates saying that he will be living in LA for the next few months, where he plans to finish up the collection of songs. Talking about the music on the new album, he explains that his latest music will feature several downtempo pieces to contrast the upbeat tracks.

"Sonically, everything is a lot wider and larger. With the new stuff, theres a lot of really low moments, like almost ambient stuff with no drums, but there's also really high energy moments."

He also mentions that fans can expect some high profile collaborations, though he's not spilling any details as of yet on who.

"I've got lots of different stuff, big stuff, small stuff. Unknown dudes, and really well known dudes, but I can't say any of that. It's all a secret."

Flume mentions that there's been pressure to get his newest work out there, but he's waiting until everything is perfect before he releases the album.

"I don't feel like I need to rush it, I just want to put it out when it's ready."

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