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EDM.com Spotlight

Nero Reveals New Sound With Release Of Their 'Two Minds' Remix

Nero surprised their fans when they first dropped "Two Minds" from their upcoming sophomore album Between II Worlds on Soundcloud, revealing a stylistic departure from their signature dark cyberpunk style and a venture into the ever popular Future Bass sound, featuring rubberband basslines and soulful piano stabs set to house beats.

Now the British EDM trio have released a remix for their own song, taking "Two Minds" in a whole new direction. Emphasizing the piano chords from the original version, Nero explores a funky, Daft Punk inspired post-disco sound on the new remix, with stuttering lo-fi samples that give the song a vintage feel.

Around the middle of the song, the hi-hat heavy beats break down, segueing into a soulful electric piano and string section as Alana Watson's vocals take center stage. It's an interesting take on a song that already polarized opinions as the group explored the sounds of unfamiliar genres, and the '92 Minds remix commits to taking that concept a step further.

Listen to the new remix below:

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