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Listen To Skrillex & Vic Mensa's New Collaboration 'No Chill'

Skrillex took to twitter yesterday to alert fans that his collaboration with Vic Mensa and Jahlil Beats called "No Chill" would be making its official debut on Beats 1.

The track serves as a stylistic departure for Skrillex, who chooses to largely ignore his signature sounds. While Sonny has plenty of tracks these days featuring massive, pounding 808 trap beats, "No Chill" sees the EDM megastar diving head first into a straight hip hop sound.

In fact, aside from the tire screech synth that pops up in the mix every so often and the name dropping of his dubstep moniker, there's little here to clue fans in to the fact that Skrillex was involved in the track at all.

"No Chill" is an in-your-face rap assault on the senses, with Mensa's braggadocio dominating the track with lines like "What the fuck is practice?"

Stream "No Chill" below...

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