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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out The Chainsmokers' New Single 'Waterbed'

The Chainsmokers just dropped a new single titled "Waterbed" featuring collaborators who are, interestingly, also called Waterbed. The EDM duo continue to confound stylistic expectations, offering up summery, aquatic vibes on "Waterbed" which are perfectly complimented by the dreamy vocals.

The new single inspires images of soothing underwater excursions with sun-soaked guitar phrases and hazy arpeggiated melodies that ride along a consistent upbeat groove as the refrain "Make your ass shake like a waterbed" repeats throughout the song.

"Waterbed" heavily features vocal effects and swells of noise that create a wet sound, living up to its namesake. Overall, it's a highlight of The Chainsmokers output of this year so far.

Give it a listen below...


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