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EDM.com Spotlight

Techno Legend Paul Kalkbrenner Teams Up With Iconic Rock Group To Make History

Techno legend Paul Kalkbrenner dropped the final video in his Florian trilogy with the new single "Feed Your Head". The track is somewhat historic, representing the first authorized sampling of a Jefferson Airplane song, in this case the final refrain from the band's famous "White Rabbit" that also inspired the title of Kalkbrenner's latest single.

The trilogy was given a slick production by New York agency Droga5, and follows a character named Florian, a stranger in a strange land who tries to share his music in America but finds himself rejected. The trilogy's creators, Alexander Nowak and Felix Richter, explain the concept behind the videos and the Florian character:

"It's a human story about a good-natured spirit who goes out into the world believing he possesses a gift worth sharing, but finds himself rejected. It vaguely parallels the role of EDM in the United States where the genre is considered foreign, even though its origins are in Chicago and Detroit."

Check out the final episode in the trilogy below:

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