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EDM.com Spotlight

Datsik Reveals Secret House Music Side Project With Fellow Bass Producer

After garnering some attention for an official remix of Major Lazer's summer hit "Lean On," the producers behind Ephwurd have disclosed their secret identity. The minds behind the funky house project are Dubstep master Datsik and fellow bass producer Bais Haus.

The duo teamed up, hoping to form an entity that would allow them a break from their dub trappings and give them the freedom to pursue new sonic ground. Talking about the inception of Ephwurd with Billboard, Datsik stated:

"We wanted a platform where we can experiment with the other side of "EDM", so we decided to start something new and fresh! Plus, we are super good homies and we travel together like mad already. That basically means we can really focus on music during those long flights and get a bunch of shit done while we are on the move!"

The duo talks a bit about their creative process under the Ephwurd alter ego, and Datsik describes the freedom it offers to produce material that differs from what his dubstep fans expect.

"I guess the biggest difference for me is the mix down process and the vibe. I'm really used to writing a lot of grittier and hip-hop influenced stuff, so it's kind of a breath of fresh air being able to write in either direction based on how I'm feeling that day."

Bais Haus explains that the lines between sub genres of different forms of bass music are blending together, giving producers new opportunities to create.

"It's great because the genre of 'bass music' is continuing to grow collectively and as a music scene everyone is finding new ways to expand their sound and keep things interesting. The blend between this and house music only seemed like the natural route and with it comes a new set of challenges to make it sound dope."

Datsik and Bais Haus discussed their decision to hide behind the new moniker for a bit before letting their fans know they were behind the curtain of the new project in order to allow themselves the chance to develop the new style. Bais Haus talked about their desire to explore the project for a while without public pressure.

"I think the pressure of being public before having your identity as a new act can really take away the creative edge. We want to be different and not push the same sound that we have been hearing for the past couple of years."

Datsik elaborates on this, revealing that they plan to explore a wide variety of different styles.

"We decided to keep it on the low so we could write a bunch of new material without borders and develop our style a bit before letting the public at it. We plan on dropping a wide variety of stuff all under the house music umbrella. It's so inspiring working at different tempos than I'm used to!"

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