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EDM.com Spotlight

Star Of Orange Is The New Black Ruby Rose Is DJing Her Way To More Fame [VIDEO]

With her infamously gender-bending role, Ruby Rose has been making waves as one of the breakout stars in the latest season of Netflix’s hit series "Orange is the New Black." But what EDM fans should know is that she is also a DJ. The Actress/Model/Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike-turned-party-curator will be making a stateside stop in New York City to play a DJ set at Pacha for the 4th of July.

Liberty lovers who are headed to the big apple for the Fourth can head over here to grab tickets to the event and watch DJ Ruby Rose spin live.

Below are some short clips from Rose's shows, as well as a video capturing her stage dive during her set at the 2015 Teaze NYC Pride Event. And if you have yet to watch her short film she recently directed called "Break Free," you'll have to check that out below, as well.

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