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EDM.com Spotlight

Tomorrowland Releases Mysterious Trailer Teasing A Brand New Experience [VIDEO]

Tomorrowland recently dropped a mysterious trailer introducing fans to the Secret Kingdom of Melodia, which they are referring to as the First Chapter.

The trailer shows several school children embarking on a journey to an abandoned castle-like house. As they explore the sprawling estate, they discover an enchanted music box, after which the children awaken in a field as hummingbirds with trumpets for beaks fly above. Suddenly, a king on horseback arrives and transforms the flock of birds into the magical Melodia symbol.

The only information the Tomorrowland creators leave us with is the following:

"People of Tomorrow, in just a few weeks the first Chapter will be written in Belgium… Enter the Secret Kingdom of Melodia."

The video has left fans speculating what exactly is to come of this secret kingdom. Since the purpose of the trailer is still unclear at this time, we'll just let your imagination wander.

Check out the trailer below:

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