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Zedd Dishes On His Singing Voice & How Lady Gaga Triggered His Meteoric Rise To Fame

In a recent interview with Associated Press, Zedd explained how Lady Gaga helped him land his record deal. A demo of his track "Addicted To Memory" ended up in the hands of Lady Gaga over three years ago. As fans know, "Addicted To Memory" appears on Zedd's recently-released sophomore album True Colors. Lady Gaga was so impressed with the music that she recruited Zedd to work on her 2013 album Artpop, but that wasn't all...

It was Lady Gaga that then went on to help Zedd sign with Interscope Records.

"She said she wanted me to produce her album and she called Jimmy Lovine and said, ‘You have to sign this kid Zedd.’ So Jimmy signed me because Gaga called him.” - Zedd

Zedd went on to discuss the appropriateness of the track being the very demo that catapulted him to superstar status. Each song on the True Colors album began originally as a piano demo. "It's almost like a time lapse of my career," he told AP.

The producer then went on to talk about the album and its acoustic components, including his own vocals. In fact, Zedd's own vocals appear on every track of the album.

"I actually sing on almost every song on the album, I'm just not the lead vocal. But a lot of the time, you don't always get enough time with your lead vocalist, especially nowadays, everybody's touring a lot ... so I always do the backing vocals myself."

But fans shouldn't expect this to turn into a new song with Zedd on lead vocals.

"I would never be the lead vocal. I don't like my voice enough to ever be the focus of a song."

Click here to read the full interview. Zedd's True Colors tour featuring Dillon Francis, Madeon, and Alex Metric is coming to a city near you! Snag your tickets here while you still can!

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