EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

The Incredible Story of an Inspiring Disabled Dance Music Fan

Above & Beyond once shared a photo that captured a magical moment of a disabled fan crowd surfing during a show in Milwaukee, WI. The photo was so captivating that it went viral and eventually lead reporters to track down the fan, named Matt Scott, to find out his story. Of course, as soon as the progressive trance trio and founders of Anjunabeats caught wind of it, they too, felt Scott's story had to be heard.

The 30-year-old man was born in Detroit with the common birth defect spina bifida, but Scott never let this slow him down. The talented Detroit native has led his wheelchair basketball team in several national championships and has played for team USA in the Paralympic Games. Because of his skills and utter determination, Scott has gotten the opportunity to travel the world playing pro ball. Even Nike approached Scott for a national TV ad.

His night out at the Above & Beyond concert in Milwaukee also saw the pro baller traveling, this time to the front row of a packed-out show thanks to the ravers around him that wanted him to have a true Above & Beyond experience.

"It's like a peace love mentality, where everybody just kind of respects each other."