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EDM.com Spotlight

7 Memes That Perfectly Show How Going To A Rave Is Like Going To Church

For many EDM fans, music can be like a religion. In the same way people go to churches, mosques, temples and other places of worship to celebrate their ideologies, like-minded music fans gather at raves and concerts to revel in their love and passion for music.

Those of us who've experienced both environments might not see the comparison at first, but they'll be hard to ignore after observing these 7 similarities:

1. You go at least once a week, mostly on the weekends

2. You praise what water is thrown your way

3. Everyone wants to be in the front row

4. The priest and DJ can both deliver enlightening sermons

5. People get dressed up for the occasion

6. The lines take forever

7. You sing along even when you don't know the words

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