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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Hardwell & Dannic's New Collaboration 'Survivors'

Hardwell teased his upcoming track with Dannic and Haris last week, giving fans a glimpse of what the collaboration had to offer. The full track "Survivors" feature Haris has now been released, and listeners can stream the full song as well as purchase it here.

"Survivors" is a sprawling epic number, featuring emotional big room synth melodies in the drops and soaring vocals from Haris during the breakdown. Hardwell and Dannic opted for a slow burning intro that takes its time to build to its energetic peak, opening with study house beats before breaking down to buzzing synth melodies and electronic bell sounds as it ramps its way back up.

The new track concerns itself more with movements than a build-drop-repeat club format, building emotion in addition to energy, making itself suitable for dance floors as well as headphones.

Listen to "Survivors below...

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