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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out This Brand New Remix Of Krewella's 'Somewhere To Run'

After a little teasing from both parties, Lost Kings dropped a groovy new remix of Krewella's recent single "Somewhere To Run," culling influence from the sounds of disco past. Lost Kings have completely re-imagined the track, creating an entirely new production save for the vocals from the original.

The new remix re-contextualizes vocal track to give it a dive sound, throwing its signature melodies center stage on top of syncopated piano chords, trumpet blasts and disco styled hi-hat rhythms, mixing the sounds of EDM with dance themes of the 70s.

The result is an upbeat, fresh sounding remix that revitalizes the original and adds a further degree of dance floor charm. Lost Kings produced a second remix for the track which has yet to become available for streaming, but you can purchase both remixes here.

Listen to Lost Kings' remix below:

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