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EDM.com Spotlight

R3hab Remixes Axwell /\ Ingrosso's 'Sun Is Shining'

Dutch producer R3hab has taken on Axwell /\ Ingrosso's summer anthem "Sun Is Shining," giving the track a big room overhaul. The first minute of the remix is an all new intro with no recognizable connection to the original, establishing the high energy nature of R3hab's version as he transforms the sun-bleached seranade into a club rager.

A white noise sweep breaks the drums and syncopated bass into silence, as progressive house arpeggios usher in the original's signature vocals and huge piano chords are soon to join in.

R3hab brings the drums back in, building to the imminent big room drop signaled by a "turn up the bass" vocal sample. The house beats pound away as the remix comes to an energetic close.

R3hab's remix opts to totally restructure the track and transform into a massive banger that retains a minimal amount of the original songs identity while injecting a plethora of new sounds.

Listen to R3hab's remix below...

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