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Top 5 Deadmau5 Collabs That Almost Happened

There are a lot of tracks that will never be released and that fans may never know existed. Then, there are also tracks that are announced, but never see the day of light. Today, we're looking at all the deadmau5 collaborations that never came to fruition. These were all confirmed to be in the works at some point by Joel Zimmerman or collaborators, whether through a social media announcement or even a preview. Below is a list of the most epic "almost" collaborations, and some of these pairings may surprise you.

deadmau5 x Daft Punk x Disney

That’s right. Deadmau5 was approached to do some remix work for Disney long before their legal battle over trademarks. As EDM fans know, Daft Punk was recruited to create the soundtrack for the 2010 Disney movie “TRON: Legacy.” While the album was designed to score the motion picture, Daft Punk fans were still excited to see the robotic duo release more work since their Alive 2007 tour album.

The surprising follow up to the Tron OST was a 2011 Disney project called TRON: Legacy R3c0nf1gur3d. Disney called on big-name electronic artists to remix Daft Punk’s original score for the film. The roster for the album was, and still is, staggering as it included remixes by Avicii, Kaskade, Moby, The Glitch Mob, M83, Pretty Lights and many more.

It’s clear to see Disney doesn’t often skimp on its endeavors. They not only brought Daft Punk out of hiatus to score Tron, but gathered the very best in dance music for the remix album of the ages. A much lesser-known fact is that they approached deadmau5 to be on Reconfigured, as well.

Well, to what would have been a disappointment to fans if they had known, Zimmerman turned it down. It wasn’t by choice, he was finalizing an album and tour, but he did note it was one of the biggest regrets of his career. Apparently he just missed the deadline, but it didn’t stop him from trying. You can listen to the unfinished mix below. Not many have heard it as it has apparently only appeared in only one live stream.

deadmau5 x Tiësto

In 2011, deadmau5 told his fans online that he had started working with trance veteran Tiësto.

“Well, finished the groundwork for a new track with Tiesto tonight… woop! Gunna leave him with the stems for now while I tour around for a bit, then we’ll crack on with it later! We so excited.”

Not only that, but he live streamed the announcement and asked fans to be patient.

There was a lot of attention put on the announcement and fans were more than excited to see two of the worlds biggest producers collaborate. Then, 18 months passed since the initial announcement, and no updates surfaced.

During a Q&A at the 2012 Electronic Music Conference, Tiësto was asked about the collaboration from a member in the audience. His reply was the nail in the coffin.

“I was in the studio with Deadmau5 in Toronto once, but the track was only okay so we didn’t release it.”

There was no preview but if two of the biggest powerhouses in dance music didn’t feel like it was worthy of release, can you blame them? The expectations would be huge and living up to that kind of hype would certainly be a lot of pressure.

deadmau5 x Feed Me

Okay, some of you are out there saying to yourselves, we don't know yet if the deadmau5 and Feed Me collab will go unheard, because it was just announced. Yes, they did announce this year that they have been working in the studio.

In the studio with deadmau5. Also cats/cars etc.

Posted by Feed Me on Monday, June 8, 2015

However, we’re talking about a track deadmau5 was going to remix for Feed Me (John Gooch) way back in 2008. Zimmerman asked Gooch for the stems of his track “The Spell,” and it wasn’t revealed deadmau5 was supposed to do a Feed Me remix until the 2013 tweet below.

There was also a second instance when Feed Me announced he was bringing back his drum and bass alias Spor. Fans got excited when deadmau5 jumped at the opportunity to remix another Gooch track, though this deadmau5 remix of Spor was never officially announced either.

We can only imagine what “The Spell” or a Spor track would have sounded like with a deadmau5 touch, but at least fans can look forward to the new original track the two producers are currently working on.

deadmau5 x Armin van Buuren

In October 2012, deadmau5 approached trance legend Armin van Buuren over twitter to do an “open collab.” Armin accepted, so - as we'd all expect - the internet went crazy.

This was another opportunity to see deadmau5 work with one of the world's most iconic producers. What’s awesome about this project was we actually got to hear a legitimate preview before it fizzled out.

The plan was to premiere the track live on air during a 2012 edition of Armin van Buuren’s radio show, “A State of Trance” (ASOT). Before it was played on ASOT, there were actually clips sent back and forth between the two, giving fans the chance to hear the progression of the track as it neared completion.

The track was then premiered as a preview on ASOT 585 with Armin van Buuren, and you can watch as he announced it to the world in the video below.

The collaboration seemed so far into production and both sides seemed happy, so there was almost no doubt that this would be available to the world.

Many months went by, however, and the buzz around the mau5 vs Armin track soon died. On deadmau5 live (his subscription service), a fan chatted with him and then said the following...

“[I] was chatting with Joel last night and he told me that he was not going to finish the Armin Collab. He said 'He got bored of it.'”

This was a huge disappointment to fans, but at least we actually got to hear something this time. The track below is as far as the collaboration went and the last anyone's ever heard of it.

Deadmau5 x Kill The Noise

In the summer of 2013 quite a few updates and previews were revealed for a track called “Kill the Mau5.” Here's how Zimmerman described it...

“A collab between myself and killthenoise... I've bastardized it a bit, but ill pass it back to Jake and see whats up"

Just hours later, an update called Kill the mau5 moar was posted and shared.

Update on this "kill the mau5" collab with @deadmau5 https://soundcloud.com/fuckmylife/killthemau5-round-3

Posted by Kill The Noise on Thursday, May 23, 2013

The track(s) been since removed, but only because deadmau5 left soundcloud for his own live subscription service and then later Tidal. There was no official end to this track, but it’s most likely safe to say enough time has gone by that we won’t see an official release.

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