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Listen to The Prodigy's New Track 'AWOL (Strike One)'

The Prodigy just revealed a new track from their upcoming EP The Night Is My Friend, slated to release July 31st. The track, titled "AWOL (Strike One)," brings the trio back to their 90's roots, with industrial-tinged overdriven synth leads and hard-hitting big beat breaks.

The English breakbeat act has actually been playing the track since 2012, and bootlegs of "AWOL" have found their way onto the internet over the last few years, but this marks its first appearance as an official recording.

"AWOL (Strike One)" has a classic Prodigy feel to it, with roaring energy, chugging synthesizers and riffs that fit the sinister mood while incoherent screams punctuate the track.

The Night Is My Friend will serve as a companion EP to their album The Day Is My Enemy, released earlier in the year and will contain two tracks from their previous LP and two remixes in addition to "AWOL." Pre-order the new EP here.

Give "AWOL (Strike One)" a listen below...

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