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Gunman Interrupts Ruby Rose's Night Out With Skrillex [VIDEO]

Actress and DJ Ruby Rose, famous for her role as an inmate on Orange Is The New Black, had a brush with an actual criminal today when a gunman intruded on her property in Los Angeles. Rose reportedly live tweeted the terrifying ordeal, although the tweets have since been removed.

''There is a gunman in my back yard (sic). This is petrifying. Helicopters, police, dogs... And a crazy person.''

Once the gunman was apprehended, she reportedly tweeted:

''Man arrested. Wow. Crazy. And now I won't be watching horror films before bed any more."

Rose was apparently supposed to be hanging out with Skrillex at the time the gunman was trespassing in her backyard, stating:

''When you're supposed to be on a date with @skrillex but.. Something comes up. (sic)''

A video has surfaced, apparently filmed by Rose herself, as her voice can clearly be heard narrating the scary incident.

"Real policeman, looking for a f***ing gunman. And there is a helicopter in my backyard."

The gunman's motivation and identity is unknown at this time. We're relieved to know that you're ok, Ruby Rose!

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