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EDM.com Spotlight

Avicii Releases Remix Of Iconic Faithless Track 'Insomnia'

When Faithless announced their 20th anniversary remix album, Avicii was revealed to be among the ranks of DJs taking on the task of breathing new life into some of the most iconic songs from legendary dance music duo. Avicii took on the responsibility of remixing "Insomnia," one of the group's most famous tracks.

Avicii puts a modern twist on Insomnia 2.0, keeping all the distinctive elements that made the original so successful while injecting influence from contemporary EDM.

The signature trance chords from the original still run rampant throughout the new remix, and Maxi Jazz's distinctively deep vocals remain a focal point of the production. But the rhythm and bass sections of the track have been given a facelift, as Avicii opts to fill in the sparse beats with additional house elements and give the kicks greater punch in the mix.

Overall, it's a nice update for a classic dance track that maintains the integrity of what made the original so great. Hear for yourself and stream Avicii's remix...


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