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Deadmau5 Dishes On Avicii & The State Of EDM [VIDEO]

In anticipation of his performance in Japan at Fuji Rock Festival, deadmau5 got together with AsqMe to answer some candid questions drafted by his fans. The Canadian producer, real name Joel Zimmerman, responded to a variety of topics including the state of EDM, Japanese music fans, and even returned a diss to Noel Gallagher.

On the topic of EDM as a trend, Zimmerman stated that the genre is over-saturated, but mentions that he's happy to see the cultural recognition electronic music has gained over the last few years, saying that overall he has mixed feelings towards the scene.

Zimmerman expressed his admiration for Dave Grohl's rock band The Foo Fighters, mentioning that he would like to see them perform at Fuji Rock and hopes that they don't wind up sharing the same set time.

When asked about the nature of his Japanese fans, Zimmerman states that while they tend to be more reserved as far as their crowd antics go, he believes his fans in Japan are better listeners and wind up being more focused on the performance than stateside fans.

Deadmau5 responds to fans questions regarding his opinion of the Japanese music scene, stating "Holy shit is it ever, like, weird to me," and says that he's excited to play Fuji Rock festival because it's different from what the majority of festivals other DJs are playing. He also talks about his Lamborghini, which he says is in "about 70 pieces" in a shop, getting work done on it.

Noel Gallagher dished out some hate on the EDM scene recently, dissing Zimmerman's brand by stating "I'm deadmau5 without the stupid fucking hat" and later mentioning that he both knows nothing and wishes to know nothing, about Swedish producer Avicii. Deadmau5 returned fire at the 90's guitar icon, taking aim at his accent.

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