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EDM.com Spotlight

Kaskade Releases New Single 'Disarm You' Featuring Ilsey

Kaskade officially released "Disarm You" featuring Ilsey today, a track the producer previously teased during his Electric Daisy Carnival set in Las Vegas. A melancholy song that relies heavily on Ilsey's vocal track, "Disarm You" opens with atmospheric synths as the percussion slowly builds.

The song takes its time to build up to its energetic peaks, diving headfirst into emotional drops with huge synth chords and a pulsating beat. Kaskade draws focus on the emotional aspects of the song, allowing atmosphere and mood to take center stage over the rhythmic parts, making for an overall memorable experience.

It's a strong release and should tie Kaskade's legion of eager fans over until his new album arrives later this year.

Listen "Disarm You" below, and then snag your own copy of the song on iTunes here.

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