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Banjo Player Of Mumford & Sons Talks His Techno Side Project [VIDEO]

EDM's cultural influence is undeniable, attracting fans from all corners of the music industry, including Mumford and Sons banjo player Winston Marshall, who has launched a Techno side project under the moniker Tech No Notice.

Marshall says that Simian Mobile Disco is responsible for his interest in the genre.

"They've put me onto the EDM world, although they probably wouldn't like that term. They're more techno, but that is Electronic Dance Music."

He goes into depth explaining how he came to love electronic music.

"When we were doing the record...James Ford was producing it, and every weekend he had a residency at XOYO in London, and basically...I went like ten times, got absolutely smashed, and had ten of the best nights in my life and became obsessed with Simian Mobile Disco's music and poorly attempted to make some Techno music."

The banjo player explains the two most important elements of being a Techno DJ.

"The trick to Techno, there's two important things you need to know about techno. Firstly, you gotta make sure you keep your hands down, and your mouth shut."

Check out the video interview with Marshall below and skip ahead to 5:25 to get straight to the Techno talk...

It's unknown if Tech No Notice will ever see the light of day, but the remix below may give fans a clue as to the direction it might take.

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