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NERVO Releases Their Long-Awaited Debut Album 'Collateral'

NERVO announced via Facebook this morning that their long-awaited debut studio album Collateral officially released as of today complete with an inspiring personal message that anything is possible if you follow your dreams.

The duo posted two more tracks off the album on Soundcloud - "Rainham Road" and "Oh Diana" - both of which contrast sharply with "The Other Boys," the first single they they revealed from the album a few days ago that showcased the sisters' experimentation with disco vibes.

In an interview with Billboard, NERVO explains the namesake for "Oh Diana," an upbeat electro-house track with grungy basslines and frantic synth blips.

"We were mucking around with some vocal samples and we weren't sure if it was Princess Diana's voice or not. It definitely sounds like her!

"Rainham Road" seems to reference 90's rave music with plodding kick drums, atonal synth riffs, swells of white noise and the occasional pitch-shifted vocal sample.

Talking about the nature of their debut album, Nervo explained that they were inspired by the freedom to include an eclectic range of styles.

"That's the beauty of working on an album. We didn't need to just write tracks for the dance floor, but all tracks - whether they be in their original form or through a remix - will be played in our sets."

Stream select tracks from the album below, and then purchase the whole album here.

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