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Porter Robinson Talks Favorite Anime & Working With Skrillex [VIDEO]

Porter Robinson sat down with AsqMe for an AMA session with his Japanese fans, delivering a series of short video responses to answer questions about his career. The interview format gave the producer a unique opportunity to interact with his fans on a more personal level, and to provide exclusive details inquiring fans want to know.

One fan asked Robinson about working with Skrillex's label OWSLA early in his career, which would go on to be the Worlds producer's big break, bringing his music to a wider audience. He describes this experience in detail, divulging that his release of "Spitfire" on OWSLA was actually the label's very first.

Porter Robinson is known for his love of Japanese culture and anime influence is all over his latest record Worlds. A fan asks him what his favorite anime is, and Robinson responds that he loves Anohana, revealing a rather heartfelt reason and explaining how it inspires his music.

Lastly, Robinson responds to a fan asking him what his favorite song is out of his own catalog. He replies that out of all his creations so far, "Sad Machine" is closest to his heart, stating that it summarizes the style of Worlds, and that he enjoyed using Vocaloid. He also talks about his upcoming plans for his trip to Japan.

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