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Find Out How Music Can Improve Certain Areas Of Intelligence

A new study has confirmed the long-assumed notion that musical training enhances intelligence. The results of this study were used to conclude that musical training improves students' memory, literacy, vocabulary and ability to learn language.

Conducted by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study is based on data that measures neurodevelopment and how it's affected by musical training during adolescence. The study followed two different groups of youths, one that participated in musical training while the other partook in Junior Reserve officer Corps courses.

The group receiving musical training showed greater improvement in the area of phonological awareness, a psychological skill related to language learning.

This won't come as a big surprise to people with musical training, as teachers of music theory have long understood that studying music is similar to learning a new language.

Children who receive musical training, therefore, are likely to experience prolonged and accelerated brain development. However, the study does not establish that musical training enhances all areas of intelligence, as both groups showed similar results in certain areas.

So there you have it, learning and playing music makes you smarter, in at least one way! Celebrate these new findings by enjoying some Intelligent Dance Music below...

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