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Porter Robinson Breaks Down His Unique Live Show [VIDEO]

Porter Robinson opened up during a candid interview at Australian festival Splendour in the Grass, which took place July 24-26. The young producer talked openly about his live show in support of his most recent album Worlds, released last year.

Talking about the success of his new approach to performing, Robinson said:

"I think the reason that it's kept momentum is just because of how much I changed my show, and I came around and basically took the album on tour the way people used to, and I think that's kept it on the forefront of people's minds."

Talking about the live nature of the Worlds Tour, Robinson explained his new stage show.

"The way that my live show works, I'd say the biggest distinction is that I'm only playing my own music. In my old DJ sets I was playing tons of electro and more party oriented music, and Worlds the album was a pretty big shift in sound for me where I was sort of getting away from the DJ thing and moving into more of what I hope would be an artist career."

He talks about wanting to bring a performed, live element to his show and focus on playing the music off the new album.

"When I started making elements live like playing out midi, playing out keys, hitting drums samples and singing on the tracks, I got so addicted to it and I tried to make as much of it live as I could."

Despite this, Robinson says he still doesn't look down on electronic acts who prefer to take the DJ route.

Watch the full interview below...

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