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The Zac Efron EDM Movie Just Dropped Its Second Trailer [VIDEO]

When the first trailer for the upcoming EDM film We Are Your Friends hit the internet, most of the dance community was up in arms objecting to the controversial line that "When you're a DJ, all you need is a laptop, some talent, and one track." The second official trailer for the film recently dropped, and it would appear that the producers have taken the criticism to heart by portraying the film in a more favorable light.

The new trailer removes its most derided elements, taking out the infamous quote above as well as the reference to BPM's in an effort to appeal to its intended audience. In doing so, it focuses more heavily on the character development and the coming of age storyline. In fact, it seems that the film itself mounts criticism against the "everyone is a DJ" culture, as Wes Bentley's character mentions: "build (sounds) from scratch, you're not going to get anywhere using the same old sounds that every other laptop DJ's using." It's not likely to win over many detractors, but it does paint the film in a more positive light.

Check out the trailer below:

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