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EDM.com Spotlight

7 Of EDM's Most Perfect DJ Photobombs

In January of 2015, Oxford English Dictionary added upwards of 500 words in its quarterly update, and one of those words was "photobomb." The trendy term made its way from social media slang to everyday vernacular in the last decade, and now we see it everywhere from sports to music to TV and more.

DJs seem to have a knack for timing when it comes to this type of prank. Just look at photobomb legends like Zedd and Dillon Francis. These guys always seem to know how to make the most of a candid moment. Here's 7 of the most epic DJ photobombs to date:

1. Deadmau5

2. Major Lazer

3. Zedd

4. Calvin Harris

5. Skrillex

6. Ookay

7. Dillon Francis (The King of the Photobomb)

Think we missed someone? Let us know in the comments below!

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