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EDM.com Spotlight

Quintino Releases 'Front To The Back' For Free Download

Netherlands DJ Quintino recently uploaded a new big room track called "Front To The Back," which he made available for free download for his fans that have been asking for this song for so long. Featuring a high octane, blisteringly loud production, "Front To The Back" is the type of track that could shatter glass.

The track opens with a relentless beat, taking just a moment to build anticipation before winding in to a catchy melodic breakdown. Quintino skillfully builds the energy back up, cueing in the vocal sample that serves as the track's namesake to signal the crowd that the drop has arrived.

"Fron't To The Back" is complete with powerful percussion, massive big room drops, and the occasional synth chord progression to provide the track with enough variation.

Listen to "Front To The Back" below...

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