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10 Bounciest Basslines Of The Week Vol. 1

House music is currently experiencing a new era in sound, and if there's one trend we can follow in this sonically-diverse scene, it's the rise of the "bounce-filled bassline." Whether it's in the form of future house, bass house, tech house, g-house, or something entirely unprecedented, there will always be a bassline thats bounce-worthy. Here's 10 of the bounciest basslines on the web today:

10. Zebbler Encanti Experience - Perceptronium (Micetro x Casual Magic Remix)

You know that feeling when you're sitting down, listening to a song, and out of no where the beat just hits you so hard that you fall out of your chair? Well if you haven't experienced it before, discretion is advised when listening to this new remix by Micetro and Casual Magic. Just like tossing a ton of bricks into a glass house, it's like this bassline loses all sense of stability after every 16 bars, but is still able to glue itself back together before the next bassline comes knockin'.

9. Benny Mac - Remember

There's something about a bouncy bassline that can just flip a room upside down in a matter of seconds. Benny Mac's "Remember" does exactly that, transitioning from a smooth and progressive piano line into a balls-to-the-wall sub-bass groove on the flip of a switch. The energy from the drop alone is enough to get you shufflin', jumpin', even doing cartwheels on the dancefloor, and the ride only gets rowdier as the second drop changes again into yet another round of head-banging madness.

8. Apocalypto - Oi Absinthe (ak9 Remix)

There's a motto we like to use with future house tracks - always go "up." As long as the DJ keeps the energy driving higher and higher, the dancefloor is their oyster. Future house tracks have a profound way of always building on itself, and ak9's latest remix is so built-up you'd think Bob the Builder is his ghost producer. If you have weak knees, get yourself a harness, because there is no way you won't be jumping to this tune on loudspeakers.

7. Karma Fields - Build The Cities ft. Kerli (AC Slater Remix)

AC Slater has had a massive year thus far both personally and for his newly-launched label Night Bass. Delivering a curated blend of house, garage, grime, and bassline with each release and showcase, Night Bass is uniting the house scenes of the UK and US with finesse and fortitude, and his remix for Monstercat's own Karma Fields showcases exactly what this sound is all about. Night Bass isn't exactly the most "bouncy" sound around, but AC Slater could inflate a damn jumping castle with this track.

6. Baewatch - Energy

Energy - what else is there to a song? Without energy, it has no passion, and without passion, it has no bounce. As Zoolander-esque as that sounds, Baewatch undoubtedly had a similar thought process with their new single, because this bassline gives "energy" a whole new meaning. From rolling to jumping to shuffling, you'd think schools nation-wide would be incorporating this song into their "fire safety" routine.

5. Slop Rock - Synergy ft. Blissando (Rob Pix Remix)

Energy might be important for a track, but you can't ignore "synergy" either. It's kind of like a deli sandwich - the "energy" is the individual ingredients of the sandwich, and the synergy is what happens they're all added together. It goes without saying that toasting the cheese on your sandwich is better than just slapping it on there like a postage stamp, and Rob Pix aptly named his song "Synergy" because it truly is a chicken melt of melting builds and spicy basslines. Don't eat before getting down to this tune, because it will leave you more satisfied than a Subway sandwich ever could.

4. Daniel Fernandes - On Everyday

G-House very well might be the bounciest sub-genre of deep house on the planet. Whether it's the bassline itself or the lyrical rhythms thrown on top, it's near impossible to keep your elbows down. Daniel Fernandes has the g-house formula down to a "g," and his basslines sound like the children of a Cadillac with hydraulics and an analog synthesizer.

3. Future - Move That Dope Ft. Pharrell Williams, Pusha T (Michael Berry & Matt Dash Remix)

If the original wasn't bouncy enough, Michael Berry & Matt Dash have brought out the trampolines for their edit of Future's "Move That Dope." The bassline thumps right under the lyrics like moguls for a skier on a black diamond, and it catapults us right off the cliff every time we hear it. On top of it being bouncy, it features the non-stop delivery of rap icons Future, Pharrell, and Pusha T, and just maximizes the impact of each lyrical scheme on top.

2. Dirt Monkey & Nathaniel Knows - STR8 JACKN

Jackin' house is still in full stride in the UK, but the US has been a bit slow to the growing deep house style. In our delayed "acceptance" of this sound, we've come to create our own style of jackin' house, and Dirt Monkey & Nathaniel Knows' "STR8 JACKN" is a perfect depiction of where those roads meet. It's like dubstep, but at house speed, with trap breaks in between. If Americans are good at doing anything, it's combining and refining, and we can see a whole realm of sounds following this jump-worthy style in the months to come.

1. Nero - Two Minds

Nero is not known for their house sounds, although it is surely nothing new to their discography. "Two Minds" is the latest house song they've released, and although other songs they've released such as "Satisfy" and "Must Be The Feeling" focused more on their dubstep influences, their latest song is a deep house gymnast's dream (I know there's at least one of them out there). It's future, it's deep, and it's electro; if the collaborative bounce that's expelled from it's drop was put into jet fuel, I have little doubt that we'd be in contact with aliens by now.

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