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Watch This Dad Get Rekked By His Daughter In A Beatbox Competition [VIDEO]

A father and daughter sat down and recorded themselves having a friendly family beatboxing competition. The video starts out slow, as the father, clearly the seasoned veteran here, divulges in some old school hip hop styled beatboxing. The two then continue to go back and forth each spitting their own beats. By the end of the video, you'll have to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Around the halfway mark of the video, the daughter seemingly becomes possessed by Dubstep demons, using the full extent of her vocal range and oral cavity to reproduce the signature timbres and stylings of a massive Dubstep track, spitting out rapid fire spastic beats interspersed with vocalized impressions of the genre's trademark wobble basses and rhythmic synth lines.

As you'll agree, the daughter clearly takes over the video when she hits her stride, with dad just listening in awe at her skills and smiling throughout.

Watch the incredible talents unfold in this awesome video below...

[H/T: ThisIsColossal]

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