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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Flume's Latest Remix 'Turning'

Flume dropped his new remix for “Turning” by Australian group Collarbones on his Soundcloud last night. Accompanied by a music video filled with abstract computer generated imagery like floating eggs and ripped textures from a public bus seat, Flume’s version of “Turning” opens with cranking sounds against ambient chords and reverb-drenched vocals as the downtempo beat works its way into center focus.

Deep bass slowly emerges as the vocal hook kicks in and then Flume really gets things in motion. The track showcases everything that sets the producer apart in a genre over-saturated with four-on-the-floor beats and atonal electro bass. His ability to take downtempo grooves and infuse them with a great deal of energy shines through as he keeps the song melodic and powerful from start to finish.

Give Flume's new remix a listen below:

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