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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out This Brand New Remix Of Major Lazer's 'Be Together'

Vanic just dropped a remix for Major Lazer's song "Be Together" featuring Wild Belle, taken from their newest album Peace is the Mission. Vanic's version doesn't deviate far from the source material, keeping the original's best features largely intact, while introducing some interesting new ideas to the production.

Wild Belle's gorgeous vocals retain their prominence in the song, but Vanic juxtaposes them against a soaring lead synth melody that occupies the same range as her singing. Splashes of acoustic instrumentation find their way into the mix as well, with plucked guitar strings opening the song and brittle piano appearing behind Belle's voice.

Vanic shows restraint on the rhythm front throughout the verses, only bringing up the energy during the builds and instrumental drops which serves the song well.

Give this new remix a listen below...

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