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EDM.com Spotlight

Steve Aoki Talks Drugs, Partying & Connecting With Crowds [VIDEO]

Steve Aoki has teamed up with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police to bring a message of PLUR and responsibility to ravers with the new Party Smart campaign. The Las Vegas police called on Aoki to encourage his fans to keep their heads on straight when hitting the Las Vegas strip for a night of clubbing and partying.

The video was produced in conjunction with Hakkasan at the MGM Grand where Aoki is currently holding a DJ residency. Aoki’s message encourages his fans to keep a grip on reality and choose music as their primary drug of choice, instead of getting so drunk and/or high that they won’t even remember the night anyways.

I’m slaving over this music and my whole intention is to connect with you, and if you're so high, you’re so drunk , and you’re so lost...Not in the music, but because your heads not on straight. That is the worst feeling,” he explains.

The EDM superstar gives his vision of the ideal connection with his audience, and explains why drugs are irrelevant when you have music.

When you find that connection, when you’re able to latch on through the music and get to that place...I promise you, it will be the most high you will ever feel and it’s not from drugs or not from getting drunk. It’s really from the music.

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