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Justin Bieber Takes A Page From The Book Of Skrillex

Inspired by the impact of the enormously successful collaboration with Jack Ü on "Where Are Ü Now," pop singer and superstar Justin Bieber revealed in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that he is pursuing a similar sonic palette on his upcoming single, titled "What Do You Mean?" Of course, we can't help but think that a Ü belongs in there. The new single is due out August 28.

Bieber said he is hard at work developing a distinctive sound for his new album.

"I've been in the studio, just trying to have a consistent sound - a cohesive sound. It's uplifting, clear, poppy but cool."

The young superstar makes it clear that he's drawn heavy influence from his experience working with Skrillex.

"Skrillex is a genius, he's super-futuristic and I just love his sound, so being able to incorporate that sound with what I'm doing has been super-cool because it's new and fresh and I feel like no-one's done it before. I'm very excited."

Bieber has been hard at work trying to perfect the new material, and he's eager to impress listeners.

"I want people to love it, I want to inspire people and sometimes I feel like, 'Is this good enough? Is this the right sound? Is this the direction I want to go?"

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