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Steve Aoki Opens Up About How He Deals With The Critics & Haters

When you're a world famous DJ who travels from country to country playing packed stadiums to sold out crowds, you wind up standing in a spotlight in front of a global audience. You get to that spotlight because you built a fan base over the years but you also find yourself under the observation of as many detractors as there are supporters. Haters go hand-in-hand with success and popularity, something Dim Mak founder and megastar DJ founder Steve Aoki knows all too well.

Steve Aoki embodies this dichotomy, where people hate on you just for being popular. In a recent interview, the superstar DJ opened up about why and how he doesn't let that bother him.

"I'm a huge target to loads of people but I just don't give a fuck anymore. I'm having fun and I'm just going to keep on having fun. I don't care if I ruffle a few feathers."

Aoki recently garnered attention when he dropped a remix of Celine Dion's famous theme song from Titanic, "My Heart Will Go On," at Tomorrowland, drawing negative responses from keyboard warriors, but a positive reaction from fans in the audience.

"Everyone was singing along and laughing at themselves at the same time. It was an incredible feeling. I just stood there with my arms out and reveled in the vulnerability of it."

The Neon Future producer reveals he has dreamed of putting his own spin on the classic track for some time now.

"I've wanted to work with that track and vocal for a very long time but I've always been 'no no no' I can't do it. It's incredibly cheesy but incredibly epic at the same time, so if you can harness both of those things, it's going to work."

As you can see in the video above, the majority of the crowd joined in, spreading out their arms like Kate and Jack on the hull of the Titanic as they belted the lyrics, singing along.

"We all had to completely own it at that moment and just put our arms out and do the Titanic together and let the music take [us]."

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