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Dillon Francis & Skrillex Release New Collab 'Bun Up The Dance'

Dillon Francis and Skrillex brought the heat Friday, dropping their collaborative track "Bun Up The Dance," and naturally, it is what can only be described as fire. Fans have waited patiently since it was announced that two of EDM's top producers were teaming up to produce a track in tandem. After much teasing, Francis and Skrillex deliver a strong release in return for for our patience.

The release of the collab comes as the latest single from Dillon Francis' forthcoming moombahton EP This Mixtape Is Fire, which will drop August 14.

"Bun Up The Dance" features hard-hitting tribal drums with each percussive strike hammering away at the sonic fabric of the track. Skrillex is up to his usual vocal trickery here, employing pitch shifted vocal effects throughout the track, with deep ragga voices permeating the track.

The song, overall, has an exotic feel to it, featuring little melodic content and focusing heavily on trippy vocals and pounding rhythms.

Listen to "Bun Up The Dance" below, and then snag a copy of the collab and the two other singles from Francis' forthcoming EP here.

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