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Burglar Breaks Into Martin Garrix's Home, Steals Prized Possessions

Martin Garrix revealed via twitter last night some unsettling news that his home in Ibiza had been ransacked by burglars while he was busy playing a show in Mallorca. In a series of tweets, the Dutch DJ superstar explained that the robbers got away with several laptops and many other belongings that were important to him.

The young producer did mention, however, that his music is still safe and sound, as he was using his producing laptop during his show in Mallorca, thus the burglars had no access to it.

Garrix ended the rant stating that the burglars would have to deal with their own bad karma for what they've done.

For Garrix, it wasn't about material things, but rather sentimental items he cherished. Garrix even responded to a fan's snarky comment, stating that he can't buy back memories when the fans suggested he simply buy everything again after playing one DJ set.

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