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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out Audien And Lady Antebellum's EDM Country Collaboration

Lady Antebellum already gained some notoriety within the EDM scene when the group teamed up with Zedd for a collaborative performance for the CMT awards. After that performance, the country trio announced that this was only the tip of the iceberg for them as they were working on a full-fledged EDM crossover with producer Audien. Now the product of that collaboration is available for your listening pleasure.

The track opens with acoustic instrumentation, as piano and strings set the bittersweet mood of the track. Lady Antebellum's singers switch on and off, handling the vocals one at a time and as a duet as the percussion builds up to a post-chorus drop, with synths stabs providing melody and rhythm to the track.

Overall, the song blends all its elements well, leaning more on the side of dance and pop than the country influence brought by Lady Antebellum. The song will be available on July 10, but you can listen below now.

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